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Thriving You

Couples sessions

Thriving You

Couples that reach out to me often do so because of:

  • Conflicts, lack of communication or inability to solve issues or make decisions together
  • Overcoming infidelity, betrayal, or lack of trust
  • Premarital counselling and building a strong foundation for their relationship
  • Preparing to start a family and have a child or issues after having a child
  • Relationships with in laws
  • Sex issues, lack of intimacy , or different levels of sexual desire

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Thriving You

How would our work look like?


If you are new clients, you can contact me via the Contact Me page. You will both have to complete the Intake Form and read and sign the Informed Consent Form before your first session.

Discovery Call(s)

The first one or two sessions are called Discovery Calls.

Their purpose is:

  • To clarify expectations of our work together. I answer any questions you might have regarding the process or myself and my qualifications. To sign the Informed Consent.
  • For me to learn as much about you as I can, in order to understand the context of the challenges you experience, so I can assess and evaluate them and offer preliminary insight. I will ask you to tell me more about what brought you here and I will guide you by asking clarifying questions.
  • To explore your goal for our work together, although this can change during subsequent sessions.
  • To define together the problems you are experiencing and lay out the direction of future sessions or an action plan.
  • Very importantly, this is also your chance to decide whether you want to continue working with me. Evaluate after the session whether you felt calm, comfortable, and whether you can trust me to partner with you for the change you want to achieve.

Regular Sessions

The frequency of the sessions is negotiated with you, but it is recommended that at the start the frequency is at least once every two weeks for couples sessions. The efficacy of the sessions is evaluated regularly and frequency can be re-negotiated again. For more information about how to book regular sessions, refer to the FAQ section.

Please note that contact of one partner with me is only possible when we have agreed upon that in our couples sessions. I reserve the right to refuse individual support for one partner outside of the couples sessions.

Closing the Work

You can terminate therapy or coaching at any point. It is recommended to inform me in writing or another way, which feels comfortable to you. If we have worked together for more than 5 sessions, it can be good (but not mandatory) to book a final session. This is done because therapy, similarly to other interactions, benefits from having closure.
Read more in the FAQ or Informed Consent Form.